It has been a while since my last post. Soon after the last race season I participated in was completed, I took a hiatus from writing because I simply didn’t have anything to write about. Life got busy for me…bought a new house, got a new job, decided to spend most of my time with family and friends whom I felt a bit disconnected from due to all the traveling I had done in the last couple of years. All that balance I had been yearning suddenly came all by itself, and it did so suddenly and rapidly. Life is good!!!

I haven’t had a lot of time to myself lately, but I have had a lot of time to think about truly is important in my life now. I’ve entered my 30’s in full swing…new husband, new home, new job. I’m living my best life yet. I have so much to be grateful for, yet I lament that I have not been riding my bike as much as I planned to. In January I accepted a job for a fantastic company that I thoroughly enjoy working for, but naturally my training took the backseat. 50+ hour work weeks left me with very little energy to do anything else. I tried a few things, like waking up at 4:30 am on weekdays to get some rides in on the indoor trainer, but I soon realized that I wasn’t able to spin more than 30 minutes, otherwise I’d be late to work…. you know, hair & make up things… Then, I couldn’t ride after work because it rains darn near every afternoon in Florida and it was hard to get motivated in general. So, training became my least priority and that is okay… that only lasted a few months. Rest months? I’ll take it.

It is now late July and I am back to training, however. I managed to get past a few weeks of suck where I got on my bike forcefully, complained throughout the ride and was exhausted 24/7. My body has eased into things once again and I’m starting to regain a lot of the fitness I lost in the last months. It hurts to get back in shape! But I’m slowly cranking forward. Best of all, I have decided to put some XC races in my calendar to keep me motivated. So, I’ll have some new writing material and will not ghost on my writing 🙂

I have met some incredible people in my new area of residence that have exposed me to some sweet riding, and welcomed me into their local cycling community. I’ll be introducing them to you all here shortly. For now, I just wanted to bring my blog back to life with a short recap of what I’ve been going through lately. From this point on, things will only get better and do hope to stay actively engaged online.

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