I will have to incriminate myself on this one, and go through the embarrassment of what I am about to admit, because I would think of myself as forever selfish if I didn’t pass this valuable recommendation on to you.

I consider myself a pretty feminine and girly woman…like, really girly, girly actually. I love wearing dresses, put layers and layers of make up on, put myself through the high discomfort of incredibly tall-heeled shoes, and straight up work that “I can kill you with my heels and bury you with my foundation” type of attitude. As a matter of fact, I dedicate some days a month to do all that and feel like a million dollars that way.

But here is the realest reality…

Let’s be honest, I am dirty mountain biker who ends up with dirt for eyebrows, sweats profusely like a waterfall after a storm, cleans her snot with her gloves, and even collects spiderweb in her hair. For every one day that I get to play girly girl, I get to play dirty MTB Chick the remaining 6 days of the week. (Not complaining here, at all).

There have been times when I get to be a girly girl and a dirty MTB Chick all in one day. I’ve had to dress formally for an important day at the office, but my bike has been waiting for me in the trunk of my car for that evening shred. On those days, I have wiped my face with a towel and changed into my riding gear before I even get to the Trailhead. I haven’t allowed myself to be that girly girl dirty Mountain Biker Chick, an all-in-one adjective. Reason being is I don’t want to look like other women I have encountered at the gym or outside riding a bicycle, who started off with a beautiful face painted with women’s make-up, but somehow ended up looking like they dipped their face in a rainbow. I know… it’s not nice to say, but my friends know I am seriously but jokingly and lovingly making fun of them when they do such inappropriate things like that. I have made fun of myself too, because I have been there and looked like I fought a tiger with my teeth because that lipstick ended up all over my face, or looked like I haven’t slept in 7 days because that mascara ended up all over my eyes.

You are not alone.

I have been there, I mean, we have all been there right? We buy the heavy setting liquid foundation for a 24-hour baby smooth silk face look, or the double-lasting kiss-proof lipstick, or the fanned-out super volume lush lash waterproof mascara….because we have prayed to the sweat gods that for once one of these products will finally give into the hype and actually do all that. But no, I have also been that woman that looked like she kissed a rainbow before. I recall a few years back I was riding with a friend, and 15 minutes into the ride he thought I really needed a break because I was starting to look really yellow. I was so embarrassed, my sweat proof tinted sunblock was melting off my face (LOL). So I then told myself I’d never do that again, and I have accepted that I cannot wear make up for a girly girl mountain bike ride.

But then, this happened…(This is where you forgive me for ever making fun of you)

Several months ago, a girly girl girlfriend of mine continuously raved about a make-up product she had fallen in love with on Facebook. I scrolled right past her posts for months, all because I own entirely too much make-up already and I don’t get to play girly girl very often anyway. What she claimed about this product didn’t seem real to me either. She showed off her lips a lot, I noticed, and because she’s so beautiful she continued to attract my attention when I went through my Facebook Feed. One day, watched a video of her raving about her lipstick and showing why that product works. She rubbed her glittery and shiny bright pink lips with her entire hand, and she was nearly brought to tears of joy when there was not a slight amount of color residue on her hand. I shrugged the video off, and still questioned that the product would be of any good quality. After all, these waterproof products I had tried using in the past would turn into cement after an hour, and this one couldn’t possibly be any different. And, well, I was not about to look like Ronald McDonald on my bike again! But then… curiosity won me over, and while looking for a lipstick color for my wedding day a few months ago, I gave this product a chance. I bought it, tested it, was surprised it actually worked, used it on my wedding day, and stocked up on my favorite colors since then. Now that I believed in what this woman raved about, I was willing to look at more of her video content on Facebook.

A few weeks back, I decided to try out a Waterproof Mascara made by the same company that makes those super amazing lipsticks.


Take a look at this video in which I tested this product and documented my first time ever successfully wearing Waterproof Mascara on a ride, and where I felt like a really “girly girl dirty Mountain Bike Chick” all at once and IT WAS AWESOME.

Needless to say, this is a Waterproof Mascara I feel every woman should have. I especially recommend this to active women, who like to get down and dirty like me, and aren’t afraid to sweat whether you are on a bike or a dance floor! We no longer have to be shy about looking super girly, while embracing our inner bad ass! This product is amazing, and I highly recommend it to all my lady shredder friends. I hope you are as excited as I am about this.

So, what is it?

LashSense Waterproof Mascara is made in the USA by SeneGence, and it is not tested on animals. It comes in two colors: Black and Brown. It is an affordable product, $25 per tube. Most importantly, IT WORKS. I guarantee you will love this as much as I do.

Contact Lydia Rose at LydiaLovesLips@gmail.com to place your order or to get more information about SeneGence International products.